ERP Solution

What is an ERP solution?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is business management software that supports digital transformation by integrating many critical processes of an enterprise, enabling the flow of data between departments and digital communication with vendors, 3PLs, sales channels, and customers.

An ERP solution allows organizations to streamline, automate, and improve business processes which lead to reduced costs, improved productivity and operational efficiencies, and significant time savings.

Data from departments like accounting, sales, procurement, project management, human resources, manufacturing, customer relationship management, and other areas of a business become increasingly visible across the organization, allowing for an omnichannel approach when responding to customer demand.

ERP solutions are considered integral to countless businesses across many different industries, often replacing Quickbooks, Excel, and manual paper processes.

Who benefits most from an ERP solution?

Many businesses have legacy processes in place that don’t support the growth or scaling of their business. These manual or disparate processes store information separately across many different operating areas, causing data redundancy or allowing for contradicting data to exist across systems.

Without a way to share data automatically between departments, creating a single source of truth, business leaders have no way to get an accurate bird’s-eye view of how their business is performing.

Enterprises experiencing these types of issues are prime candidates to benefit most from an ERP solution. The versatile nature of this software means that it can be adapted to most any industry’s needs, like manufacturing, professional services, industrial services, healthcare, construction, and distribution, amongst others.

Regardless of the industry an ERP solution is applied to, there are numerous benefits.

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