SAP Business One: Reporting and Administration

SAP Business One: Reporting and Administration

SAP Business One offers dynamic analytic and reporting tools. It consists of a fully unified version of SAP Crystal Reports® software allowing you to collect data from numerous sources and produce timely and precise reports established by company-wide data. SAP Crystal Reports, integrated by Microsoft Office, allows you to select from an assortment of report formats and control access to information that is shown.

With optional analytics powered by SAP HANA, SAP Business One takes advantage of in-memory computing for analysis and reporting. You gain real-time access to predefined dashboards and reports, as well as productivity tools to support decision making.

With SAP Business One, you gain up-to-the-minute access to predetermined dashboards and reports, in addition to production tools utilized to back decision making. Accompanied by optional analytics fueled by SAP HANA, SAP Business One gains from in-memory calculations for analysis and reporting.

SAP Business One includes:

    • Report Formulation and Personalization: View data from a range of sources, generate new reports and personalize existing reports in an array of layouts with minimal IT expenses
    • Ad Hoc Analysis: Leverage Microsoft Excel pivot tables allows you to break down data and gain a different perspective on your organization
    • Intuitive Tools: Drag and link, drill downs, search support, and workflow-based alerts