Increase Business Velocity with a Connected and Insightful Solution

The pace of your organization is steadily increasing, as global competition emerges you want your business to remain agile and take advantage of new opportunities. If you are not able to stay connected with all operations and manage performance to meet your goals, how will you be able to make informed decisions to uncover new opportunities?

You are probably at a crossroads; maybe you need new IT systems that offer greater efficiency and transparency to promote competitiveness. You want your processes and data to optimize profits and create competitive advantages. Aging, disconnected systems don’t provide you with real-time visibility into what’s coming next. With SAP Business One, you are provided with a solution that includes complete functionality for financial, human resources, marketing, sales, service, supply chain, procurement, and project management processes, all within one application.

When you run SAP Business One, you and your workforce can:

Get the Needed IT and Scale it Affordably:  Business One is ideally suited to companies that need to react swiftly to changing business models; enter new markets; and innovate new service, sales, and delivery models. Address your most pressing challenges and business processes at an affordable fixed price and scope.

Increase Visibility and Insight to see Behind the Numbers:  In order to manage corporate performance, you need real-time information and tools that can turn every transaction and organizational activity into clear business intelligence. With SAP Business One, you have intuitive analytics and reporting tools that leverage up-to-the-minute data.

Provide Access for a Productive Mobile Workforce:  Mobile devices enable work to be done anytime and anywhere, keeping business moving forward. With Business One, you can easily and safely access processes and data from the office or on the web using a browser or mobile device.

Scale, Grow, and Respond to Change without Difficulties:  As your business evolves, processes become more complicated and transaction volumes increase. You need to leverage new technology to support and streamline operations. You want the software to grow with you while avoiding the risk of incurring a large, up-front expense. SAP Business One is a highly flexible, configurable system that adapts quickly as your business changes and grows.

Run a Connected, Insightful, and Adaptable Business:  You need a solution that supports end-to-end processes for running your entire business via a single application, anytime and anywhere.

To keep pace with the velocity of business today while driving higher profitability and growth, you need a full, real-time visibility and control over the big picture and tiniest detail. Contact Third Wave today and find out how SAP Business One could be the solution to enable you to do just that.

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