Marketing and Campaign Management

Marketing and Campaign Management

Manage Prospects, Create Email Campaigns, Track Marketing Activity, and Convert Qualified Leads into Business Partners within SAP Business One

Do you think of your leads or purchased lists as business partners? Then why define them that way in SAP Business One? Instead of creating a high volume of permanent records in SAP, turn to Third Wave’s Marketing and Campaign Management add-on to effectively manage leads and lists, create targeted email campaigns, and track information such as interest and demographics until you decide they are true business partners.

SAP Business One Marketing & Campaign Management

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Keep Your Prospect Lists and Leads Separate from Your Business Partners

MCM is a fully integrated and certified add-on for SAP Business One that enables you to more effectively manage your prospects before adding them as business partners. You can easily enter accounts and contacts, complete with the detailed information and customized fields you need to effectively target your audience. You can then promote qualified leads or new customers to business partners with the click of a button. In addition, you can delete records from MCM that are no longer valid in order to maintain high quality lists.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Manage prospect lists and leads outside of the Business Partners database
  • Seamlessly convert leads into Business Partners with access to all activity and campaign history
  • Measure the effectiveness of email campaigns and return on your marketing investments
  • Integrate Constant Contact with MCM to send email blasts and track results at the contact level
  • Create a repository of documents that can be emailed to prospects and leads
  • Streamline communications to your prospects with built-in document templates
  • Coordinate email messages with your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Integrate the Leading Email Marketing Program with MCM to Achieve Better Results

By seamlessly integrating with Constant Contact, MCM gives you the tools to create more effective email campaigns and track results. You can use SAP queries to build a targeted list in MCM and push the information to Constant Contact. You can then design professional-looking emails in minutes with Constant Contact’s customizable templates and drag-and-drop editing. Once your email has been distributed, you can pull the results from Constant Contact into MCM, including opens, bounces, click throughs, responses, and unsubscribes for each contact.

Track Key Information as You Turn Prospects into Customers

MCM provides you with additional tabs and fields so you can add any data you need to help identify and push a lead through the sales cycle. The Interest tab allows you to track the initial lead source, interest date, and marketing campaigns as well as add your own customized fields to gain invaluable insight into your marketing efforts. The Demographics tab helps you gain a clearer picture of your target market by enabling you to track SIC codes, number of employees, and annual revenue as well as fields you add such as budget amount and decision date.

Enhance Communications with Your Leads Using Built-in Email Templates

MCM’s built-in HTML editor lets you create your own emails and blast them out within SAP Business One. You can set up your own templates or use the existing ones to make it easier and faster to send out. It also provides you with a document library so you can attach the appropriate files to your emails. Once an email has been sent, the activity is added to the contact in MCM so you have a history of all communications with a lead.

Track Your Marketing Campaigns in MCM to Determine the ROI

With MCM, you have the ability to to track all of your marketing efforts and evaluate the results. The information for each campaign that you run can be entered into MCM, including the budget, estimated responses, expected results, actual responses, and opportunities. As the lead progresses through the sales cycle, you’ll be able to add quotes and orders to the record. The information will still be accessible in MCM after the lead is promoted to Business Partners so you can determine the success of a campaign.

Spread Your Message through Social Media

Because of the importance of social media in your marketing efforts, MCM makes it easy for you to not only get your message out by email but also through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. MCM allows you to set up the content you want posted, then lets you select which social media accounts you want to use. Once you post to an account, you can create an activity to show the content was distributed.

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