New Developments in ERP Software – Trends towards Sales & Marketing

A Vital Component of ERP Software is a Good Sales and Marketing Module – an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is ideal. A comprehensive sales and marketing module helps ensure that your company stays competitive by allowing it to efficiently coordinate sales and marketing activities while acting immediately to improve sales, service and marketing efficiency.

Sales and marketing ERP software permits the full range of revenue generating activities to be tracked. This begins with pre-sales activities such as supporting lead generation and tracking lead sources through contracting with clients. It may also include tracking client orders from initial placement to the dispatch of materials. All this information is available for simple retrieval and analysis. This provides your management, marketing, sales, and customer service team with information as it happens, empowering them with tools to improve client satisfaction.

A Sturdy CRM Module within ERP provides management with the tools to monitor the performance of personnel. It associates personnel with your organization’s partners, allowing you to track and monitor your contacts, sales, product trends, and point out future opportunities.

The latest ERP/CRM software can be integrated with your e-commerce website, providing a streamlined process from client inquiry through the delivery and billing process.

Another challenge you may be facing today is linking CRM and social media. Social media holds unprecedented potential for you to get closer to clients and, in doing so, facilitates increased revenue, cost reduction and efficiencies. Your company should be looking for ways to get more out of social media. Making the connection between people, systems, and social media interactions will require you to build a new level of understanding of your clients and increase trust based on the promise of great service and value.

Effective ERP/CRM solutions need to link the integrated efforts of discovering leads, generating sales and providing outstanding customer service to assist in the growth of your company in an increasing competitive environment.

At Third Wave, we’ve helped clients do this for the last 20 years. Contact us to see how our experience can help you.

-Mark Berman, Consultant

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