Outgrown QuickBooks Series – You’re Doing More and More Outside of QuickBooks

In concluding our series on the signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, the last sign is perhaps the most important and relates to the previous nine points discussed in past blog posts – you’re doing more and more outside of QuickBooks. Chances are you have started to put data in various spreadsheets and work off of various manual processes. These spreadsheets probably address channel sales, complex inventory issues, budgeting, and a host of other business challenges that QuickBooks is not equipped to provide.

Do you also create reports in QuickBooks? If so, chances are you’ll most likely hit a performance bottleneck because your data is growing as fast as, if not faster, than your company. So now that spreadsheets are being used, your employees are spending more time trying to find the right data to use while searching for the latest version of a report on your servers. Managing all these reports then opens the door for increased errors and incorrect information.

Your business has complex needs and requires a business management system that isn’t only about invoicing and writing checks. How can you sell to multiple channels? Do your customer service personnel have one place to look when answering customers’ questions? Manual processes and spreadsheets introduce many errors and slowly eat away at your company’s productivity.

When manual processes consume the time you require to manage your business, it is time to think of a new solution. It’s time to replace QuickBooks with a more comprehensive and robust business system that will manage not only accounting but address the whole enterprise. Contact Third Wave today to learn more about making the switch to a business system that will profit your organization in the long run!

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