Outgrown QuickBooks Series – Experiencing Bottlenecks in Your Processes

How are you managing your daily business processes? Do you sometimes find that you have trouble customizing various tasks and processes to fit the current needs and requirements of your organization? As we near the end of our series on the warning signs that you’ve outgrown your QuickBooks solution, it’s important that we discuss what happens as you begin to experience bottlenecks in your processes.

Do you find yourself having to add headcount to keep up with demand and your increasing workload? Without the ability to streamline and automate the processes that are key to running your business smoothly, you realize you are in over your head. Your back office staff is growing to process payments and manage accounts receivable. The filing cabinets are taking over the office because you don’t have the workflow tools from QuickBooks to handle the documents electronically. Approvals are handled through signatures on paper instead of online. You’ve looked into integrating a system with QuickBooks but there aren’t many that you’d consider and they don’t enable you to customize processes to fit your business needs.

Your processes are also being slowed down because you have to manually re-key data between QuickBooks and your other applications. For example, you may need to add the same data into your CRM system, order management solution, and your eCommerce platform. This repetitive data entry can take several hours a week and take away the focus from your core business initiatives. Now you also have to be concerned about human error as information is entered into these different applications.

As more time is spent entering data and creating workarounds for your processes, you’re unable to respond to customer queries or the information is incorrect due to manual errors. Then you have your sales team waiting for their commissions to be entered into the system but there’s a consistent backlog of data-entry that needs to be completed. You need to break through these bottlenecks to streamline and automate in order to increase efficiencies and experience new revenue growth.

If you have experienced even one of the bottlenecks mentioned, it’s important that you reevaluate how well your QuickBooks solution is working for you. You need a solution that can not only handle your current processes, but that can grow with you as your processes and requirements become more complicated. Contact Third Wave today and discuss your next steps.

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