The Top 5 Reasons You Need MICR Check Printing Capabilities in SAP Business One

What type of check printing capabilities does your organization have, if any at all? If you are an SAP Business One user looking to save on printing costs and increase security, you definitely should consider a solution like Third Wave’s MICR Check Printing. MICR not only provides cost-saving benefits, security, efficiency, and simplicity, but it is also seamlessly integrated within SAP Business One.

The top 5 reasons your organization needs MICR Check Printing:

  1. MICR will pay for itself by cutting the need for preprinted check stock allows you the flexibility to print checks from multiple accounts in a single run.
  2. MICR’s drag and drop check configurator allows you to quickly pull the information you need onto your checks and make them look the way you want. There is no limit to the number of formats you can create. What’s even better is that the built-in library of preformatted checks makes it easy to get started.
  3. Utilize smart signature printing based on check value, while securely storing signature images. This means that you’re allowed to specify two different signature files under MICR’s signature options. You also have the option to set up logic for these two options. For example, signature 1 will print regardless, while signature 2 only prints if the check amount is above a certain amount or if it’s only set up for certain Business Partners. Essentially, this conditional signature printing is set up depending on certain criteria.
  4. With an easy-to-use interface, MICR makes setting up your print runs quick and pain-free! The MICR Accounts screen setup is highly navigable. As long as you are an SAP Business One user, you will have no problem using MICR.
  5. Ultimately, because of the above reasons, MICR allows you to manage multiple checkbooks with easy.

As you can see, Third Wave’s MICR Check Printing has the potential to extend the power of SAP Business One for Professional Service firms and other project-oriented organizations. If you think your organization could benefit from MICR, watch the video below for more information and contact us today!

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