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    Santec needed their systems to support their business, to enable the business to be more nimble, and to give managers and employees better information. They did not have the capability to get data from their previous system to analyze or plan.

    Download the Case Study to learn how Third Wave helped Santec Chemical:
    • Unify disparate systems, including QuickBooks and other inventory and shipping software
    • Eliminate time lag between order entry and inventory updates, reducing any delays in order fulfillment
    • Deploy a scalable IT platform to accommodate a growing international business, including more users across multiple locations
    • Add functionality to SAP Business one with custom add-ons for e-commerce, credit card processing, and shipping

    With the SAP Business One ERP solution as the digital core, Third Wave provides adaptable enterprise resource planning systems that support an organization’s growth.

    A key success factor for our customers is our ability to implement process automation and integration with their internal and external systems.

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    Download the Case Study

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