Rifle Paper Co. Unifies Business Processes with SAP Business One

Rifle Paper Co.

From stationery to wrapping paper to notebooks, a touch of elegance from Rifle Paper Co. is perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Started by a husband and wife team out of their Florida apartment, Rifle Paper Co. has grown from a small collection of roughly 50 products to a global business with products in over 4,000 retail stores around the world.

With such rapid growth, the couple needed to unify their business processes for better operational management but disconnected IT systems were making it difficult to keep up with demand.

Working with Third Wave Business Systems, Rifle deployed the SAP Business One® application. Now, centralized data access is streamlining processes from planning and production to orders and shipping, freeing up time and reducing the risk for error. With all people and processes on the same page, Rifle Paper Co. can count on continued success well into the future.

Rifle Paper Co. Objectives

  • Unify disparate systems, including QuickBooks and other inventory and shipping software.
  • Eliminate time lag between order entry and inventory updates, which can delay order fulfillment.
  • Deploy a scalable IT platform to accommodate a growing international business, including more users across numerous locations.

Why Rifle Paper Co. Chose SAP

  • Customizable enterprise resource planning to manage financials,
    inventory, client and supplier accounts, planning and production
    requirements, and purchasing.
  • Superior capabilities and a simpler user interface when compared with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Epicor.


  • Deployed the SAP Business One® application and integrated add-ons for e-commerce, credit card processing, and shipping.
  • Pursued staged implementation tactics for a smooth roll-out future plans.
  • Deploy a dashboard to provide business performance data at managers’ fingertips.
  • Expand deployment, leveraging functionality like manufacturing
    requirements planning.

“We see SAP Business One as an ally at Rifle Paper Co. Not only does the software keep everyone on the same page, but it also gives us valuable information that we can use to grow the business and meet our goals.”

Bobby Morrison, Director of Enterprise Systems and Services, Rifle Paper Co.

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