New Features of SAP Business One 9.1: Extensibility

If you’re considering upgrading to the latest version of SAP Business One, now is the best time with all the new features and functionality added to 9.1. In this blog series, we’ll highlight all of the exciting new changes. This post explores the changes to make the solution more extensible.

SAP Business One is armed with a programming API based on COM technology. You can use the functional scope of SAP Business One as supplied, or adjust it to your specific requirements. The API is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), including development documentation and code samples. The SAP Business One SDK enables you to lengthen and alter the functionality of SAP Business One to generate industry and organizational functionality and interfaces with third-party tools.

Enhancements in Software Development Kit (SDK)

Enhancements in User-Defined Fields (UDF)

User-defined fields have the following enhancements:

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