Bizweaver Makes SAP Business One Integration Projects Easy

Just the thought of initiating an integration project cause headaches to any CIO and project manager. The amount of brainstorming, manual work, and planning that is needed can seem intimidating, but with tools like Bizweaver, synchronizing business data and streamlining day-to-day processes can become a simple task.

The pain points of an integration project

Many factors have to be taken into consideration such as having the correct staff levels to combat development time frames or which drain resources from necessary everyday activities. When the project grows, you stumble into unexpected delays, compromises, and endless automated data queries caused by ‘fault lines’ between integrated systems.

You might be thinking:

The simple answer is probably not. Software application integration and business process automation don’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to be expensive.

SAP Business One’s integration framework is flexible.

Fortunately for IT professionals, SAP Business One has been designed to provide a flexible and easy-to-use framework, with clear functionality to facilitate integration scenarios with SAP certified third-party software.

This flexible SAP Business One integration framework enables Bizweaver for SAP Business One to remove the need for complex coding by providing a large selection of user-friendly tools. This allows anyone with a basic understanding of their unique database structures to build integrations alongside practically any number of automated business processes that are necessary between your business systems, applications, and web services, regardless of how complex the requirements.

Benefits of Bizweaver include:

How easy is it to implement Bizweaver?

In the first instance, SME’s look for software application integration tools that are easy to install and use. Bizweaver tasks can be easily created by anyone with a basic understanding of your business’ database structures and combined with Third Wave Business Systems knowledge and experience in implementing Bizweaver to suit your exact requirements, your next integration and business process automation projects couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more about how Bizweaver can simplify your integration projects, and the added functionality it can provide your organization? Contact our experts to talk about how you can make integration projects a walk in the park.

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