How EAW delivers sales performance and superior customer fulfillment

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), a global maker and provider of a wide range of loudspeakers and industry-leading audio technology for live venues is turning global sales operations into a competitive advantage. How? By launching a Versago portal in sync with SAP Business One that gives salespeople a unified way to get real-time data on inventory levels, track sales activity, and enable accurate management forecasting.

Business Challenge

Managing a growing business with sales around the globe does not come without its challenges. While enjoying all the benefits of running their business on SAP Business One, EAW was still experiencing the symptoms of a not-so-unusual situation: people around the company and their daily activity running out of step with the information on SAP. The opportunity for improvement? Sales. The symptoms? Employees tied up in excessive communication and low value activity like generating sales reports and looking up order information. The consequences? Delayed sales, inaccurate sales forecasting, customer fulfillment delays. All of this taken together was costing the business 10s of thousands per year operationally with occasional negative impact to revenue and customer fulfillment.

Business Transformation

Self-service portal solution for sales team and management
EAW embarked on an effort to unify sales management with the Versago sales portal integrated with SAP Business One. With Versago, from any device, sales and management can access historical sales activity and order detail by region and account along with customer AR status. Sales reps can also access inventory by item, item group, warehouse and other criteria enabling them to commit to customers with confidence. Management can also access sales booked for a future period by region, rep and month.

For EAW these capabilities amount to a global sales reporting framework, enabling them to understand, plan and scope work in order to hit sales goals. The simple integration with SAP means the entire organization is on the same page and operating in sync with the system of record, SAP Business One. Sales and customers share an early and accurate view into EAW’s fulfillment capability meaning no more bad surprises.


Delivering sales performance with superior customer fulfillment

Versago and SAP Business One sales portal

Versago delivers a streamlined buying experience that boosts customer satisfaction and sales. The benefits of EAW’s use of Versago extend beyond the immediate improvement in sales awareness and performance. Having this information easily available at any time also informs demand management, including inventory planning and sourcing driving smarter decision-making. Plus, it enables management to get accurate sales data for forecasting and the ability to respond in time to hit sales targets.
By providing customers with a smoother buying experience and helping teams all over the world stay on top of sales activity in a consistent way, EAW is steering its business to new success.

“Versago is a very cost-effective and flexible tool that has become central to running our day to day business. We look forward to implementing it in a more customer-facing role in the future.”
Source: TJ Smith, President of EAW

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About Versago Sales Portal

Versago is a web and mobile platform integrated with SAP Business One enabling the broader population of people and processes across a business’ ecosystem to leverage the power of SAP for every function supporting growth and operating efficiency.

Versago is easily configured to support multiple use-cases to grow your business. With its extensive library of pre-built functionality and workflows already integrated with SAP Business One, your business can be up and running in less than a day with no software development required.

Benefits of Versago & SAP Business One:
– People and Processes Always In-Sync with SAP Business One
– Simple User Experience, Low/ No Training
– One Configurable Platform vs. Multiple Apps
– Streamlined Processes with no SAP Manual Data-Entry Bottlenecks
– Paperless Processes
– Faster Customer <> Supplier Interactions
– Branded to Reflect Your Business
– Increased Customer Satisfaction with Digital Solutions

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