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Business Discussion: SAP Business One 9.1 New Features
SAP continues to expand the functionality of SAP Business One.  The latest version, 9.1, is currently in “ramp up” mode.  This is the final step before it is released for general use.  We will take a general tour of the new functionality and take a more detailed look at the expanded Production tools and the new “Branches” functionality.  This is a must see for anyone that uses SAP Business One in a manufacturing environment, or that has multiple locations that need to be tracked separately within a single company.

Technical Discussion: Workflow
The SAP Business One Workflow tool is a component of the standard SAP Business One application suite.  This tool helps define business processes and drive consistency in their execution.  The application has two components.   A designer tool is used to build visual representations of a business process flow.  This representation then feeds into SAP Business One to notify users that specific tasks need to be completed.  The intent is to help ensure that specific tasks get accomplished in a business process.  We will look at the designer tool and show some simple examples of how the workflow process might be used.

Spotlight Presentation: TaskCentre  
TaskCentre is a third-party application that has been introduced in previous VUG sessions.  It can be  used for a variety of automation and workflow tasks.  In this session, we will look specifically at how the tool can be used to automate certain work functions and to streamline approval steps that might  be needed in a business process flow.  Examples of both workflow automation and approval cycles will be presented.

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