SAP Business One in the cloud

SAP Business One in the cloud

SAP Business One Cloud

Start driving efficiency and growth with SAP Business One Cloud ERP.

Manage your business in the cloud

Key benefits of SAP Business One in the Cloud

Always there

Having your systems hosted in the Cloud ensures that as long as you can get access to the internet – from your home, office, a cellular connection or a temporary access point – your business will always be up and running.


Since all of your data and systems are stored in remote servers, your cloud ERP system becomes more secure and manageable with less on-going maintenance.

Increased usability

With SAP Business One in the Cloud, you can store your data and applications in a remote network and access it through a Web browser or mobile app, drastically increasing usability and accessibility from anywhere.

Remote access

The Cloud ERP doesn’t care where you are located. Your main location, various remote locations, even temporary job sites can all have the same access, and upgrades to hardware can be performed seamlessly. Growing your business with a cloud infrastructure means no compromises.

Scalability/ Elasticity

Easily scale up or down depending on your current usage requirements. Accommodate your organizational needs and changing market conditions with the Cloud ERP.

Read the guide

Cloud vs. On-Premise ERP Deployment

We have created this guide to help you evaluate deployment options— getting to know each deployment method can help keep you from overspending and maximizing your return on investment.

You’ll learn:

  • Steps to take before selecting your deployment option
  • Primary differences between deployment options
  • Four common misconceptions surrounding ERP deployment
  • Private cloud vs. multi-tenant/public cloud


Integrated ERP Software in the Cloud

Why Third Wave & SAP Business One Cloud

By leveraging the cloud software-as-a-service model and the expertise of Third Wave, you can dramatically accelerate time to value with SAP Business One Cloud. You can select the number of users and the duration of your agreement on the basis of your business needs. SAP Business One Cloud is automatically maintained and updated by Third Wave, so you always have the most current technology. Applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards to protect sensitive business data. With no hardware to manage or software to maintain, you can focus on your business, not IT.

Talk To a Cloud ERP Solutions Expert

Learn more about how your business can benefit from implementing a cloud or on-premise ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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