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How does your current Accounting System affect your business?

Exclusive Guidance to ERP Solutions as a Strategic Business Tool—Designed for CEOs, Finance, and Operations Executives

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Rifle Paper Co.: Unifying business processes to support rapid growth

As Rifle Paper Co., a stationery and lifestyle brand, grew their business, disconnected IT systems were making it difficult to keep up with demand. With Third Wave as their strategic partner, they deployed SAP Business One and successfully unified their business processes to support their ongoing rapid growth. Read the Rifle Paper Co. Case Study.

Optimizing Order-to-cash with mobile proof of delivery

Our client wanted to build on the success of the SAP Business One ERP implementation with enterprise mobility for deliveries, invoicing, and payments enabling a streamlined order-to-cash (O2C) process for its operations while strengthening the relationship with their customers. This required finding a way to reduce manual interventions and reduce the number of steps and time to sync data between SAP Business One and all the players in the process.

A two-pronged approach to digital transformation for small businesses

The common definition of digital transformation states that it “is not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems and they prefer this digital solution to the old solution.”
A preference for a digital solution over an old solution could have occurred in 1990 as much as it could occur today. What has made digital transformation the global phenomenon that it is today is the acceleration of preferred digital solutions in all facets of life.