APP Document & Report Delivery

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APP Document & Report Delivery

Another one of APP’s important Components is its Document Delivery functionality. With this Component, you can easily send simple documents and reports based upon user action, like creating or updating a document/report. You also have the ability to send multiple documents based on user action, like sending a Sales Order acknowledgement to a customer and a separate document to a sales person. If you know how to use SAP Business One, you already know how to use the basic delivery functionality of Advanced Productivity Pack!

Some features of APP’s Document and Report Delivery include:

  • Individual or mass delivery of documents
  • Right click navigation options
  • Produce Reports/Queries and make available via right-click for easy access
  • User-defined section criteria to choose document/report recipients
  • Generate ad-hoc emails on the fly
  • Send documents/reports via MS Outlook, SMTP, Efax, Print, or mail
  • Mail merge capabilities with MS Word
  • Can also use standard Business One menu bar buttons to perform deliveries
  • All steps of document delivery process stored in the Activity Record – no longer need to print & file document copies
  • Use standard SAP B1 document printing functionality to select the open invoices that need to be delivered
  • Choose which invoices need to be delivered, by what means, and with what process (as specified by the Business Partner contact delivery method preference)
  • Shipment notification in Email message with UPS shipment tracking link
If you think APP’s Document & Report Delivery can enhance your business, contact us today to find out more information!