Why You Need Advanced Productivity Pack for Your Organization

You want to always have the edge over your competition. But in such a competitive marketplace, this often does not come easily. As a business owner, you need instant access to current information when making decisions, as well as the ability to efficiently communicate with your business partners.  You want to be able to manage your business processes, keep your employees productive while serving your customers to the best of your ability.

To gain this kind of competitive edge, there is no better solution to turn to than Third Wave’s Advanced Productivity Pack for SAP Business One. APP gives you seamless access to information, customization options, graphical displays of data, and the ability to deliver documents quickly, schedule report deliveries, and efficiently streamline processes, all within its 4 modules.

To get a better understanding of the robust functionality of APP, let’s take a look at some business scenarios and how APP’s modules can help solve them.

APP Customizer – with APP’s Customizer, you can quickly & easily tailor your SAP Business One experience to increase data accuracy and productivity. With the ability to point and click to add new buttons, tabs, set required fields, move/hide UDF’s, Customizer helps you streamline your SAP Business One processes. For example, say you have a high-speed data entry process with lots of daily orders. With high volume, you run the risk of data entry errors. By using Customizer’s tools, you can tailor the system to make sure the right people can key the right data in only the fields required. This can be done without needing any programming skills. Ultimately, Customizer makes your business processes faster, while increasing data accuracy and overall productivity.

APP Queries, Charts, & Dashboards – APP’s Charts & Dashboards allows you to easily build graphical views of your data. Quickly add charts and dashboards to any already existing Business One query, which in return, delivers graphical views of the Business One data without the need for additional software licenses.

For example, you may want to be able to look up your past sales numbers, but only want to focus on certain data, like a specific item in a specific color. By using APP, you can create a dashboard that will display the metrics you want to focus on, making a transition for easy data analyzation.

Document and Report Delivery – This module offers the most comprehensive delivery functionality available for Business One. Easily send documents and reports according to contact delivery preference.

For example, you have hundreds of invoices that get sent out on a monthly basis, but the delivery preferences vary from customer to customer. APP’s Document Delivery understands your delivery preferences and with one click, can appropriately deliver documents; all while better serving your customers and making your organization more productive.

APP Scheduler – with Scheduler, you can automatically set up delivery of any form, report, or email at a designated time of your choice, while utilizing the Document Delivery module.

For example, if you have a tough time keeping track of inventory levels/alerting your clients about possible issues, Scheduler can set up times to send out regular inventory reports internally as well as externally. Additionally, you have the option to email/print/fax the reports, integrating your Scheduler with custom workflows.

Keep critical business information at your fingertips with APP! The above scenarios just scratch the surface. The best way to get a full understanding of APP’s robust functionality is to schedule a demonstration. Contact Third Wave today and get on the road to better productivity in 2013. Remember, with APP, you are never more than two mouse-clicks away from the information you need!

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