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  • Amazon and SAP Business One Integration

    Third Wave Business Systems offers an integration platform that lets you sync your Amazon marketplace to your SAP Business One ERP software.

    ERP Integration for Amazon Marketplace

    There are almost 500,000 active individual sellers on Amazon marketplace. From this, over a fifth records over $100,000 in annual sales, which shows that plenty of sellers manage plenty of orders. As a business, you have to ensure that you can manage your processes, from payment to shipment.

    Third Wave Business System’s ERP integration software allows you to do this by connecting your Amazon marketplace orders to back-end ERP software you use. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and instead lets you process orders quickly and efficiently while maintaining consistency.

    Our Amazon to ERP integration solution is compatible with different types of Amazon seller accounts, whether you’re operating on FBA or FBM, or if you’re an Amazon Vendor Central supplier.

    Benefits of Integrating Amazon
    and Your ERP System

    Reduced manual workflow

    Manually entering data into your ERP system can take you days or weeks to finish. But with a connected marketplace and ERP software, all the information you need is in one place.

    Data accuracy

    Human error often occurs in manual processes, but because your Amazon seller account is connected to your ERP, data accuracy is preserved during the transfer.

    Time efficiency

    Time is one of the most crucial resources and it’s wasted on manual data entry. This isn’t a problem with an integrated ERP system.

    Increased sales

    With faster data collection and recording, it’s easier to find and attract leads. This increase in conversion also results in increased sales.