How to Secure a Successful Implementation of Your SAP Software – The Next 2 Principles of Quality

As we discussed in our previous blog post in the “How to Secure a Successful Implementation of Your SAP Software” series, achieving extraordinary business transformation requires careful planning and a commitment to the 10 principles of quality. These 10 principles enable your organization to not only establish predictability in your project, but transparency as well.

The following are the next two Principles of Quality:

4. Ensure Timely Delivery and Effective Tracking – Agree on scope and ascertain that the resources available and timeline are sufficient to complete the deliverables at the agreed-on level of quality. All parties must sign off on the timeline, deliverables, and acceptance criteria and be aware of the pace required to avoid impacting the overall timeline. Any subsequent adjustments made to project scope or timeline must be considered first in light of business impact and second as to whether they are realistic, relevant, and acceptable. Activities and tools must be in place to monitor time, budget, and deliverables. Key performance indicators for the project should be tracked closely and visible to all stakeholders.

5. Staff Project with Sufficient, Competent, Motivated People – Carefully recruit your project staff and select a partner who will provide you with the right mix of skills and experience. Train team members early so they understand the technical and functional context in which they are working, what design possibilities are open to them in that context, and the impact of their decisions. Throughout the implementation, the skills and competencies of the implementation team members should be reviewed regularly to verify that they continue to meet project requirements. Their commitment and time allocation should be assessed regularly and addressed when inadequate. Also, team engagement and motivation should be assessed and revitalized on a regular basis, with special attention given to members working remotely. Team members should also be made aware of how their role in the current project can contribute to the advancement of their careers.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on the next two principles of quality and how they aid in a smooth project process. Contact Third Wave today to discuss more!

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