Introducing: The 4Cs For SAP Business One Podcast

The 4Cs For SAP Business One

The 4Cs for SAP Business One podcast: Tyson McMurren and Mike Hamm discuss hot topics in the SAP Business One ecosystem. The 4Cs is designed for SAP Business One users to help them overcome common challenges and get the most out of their ERP system. Topics will surround the 4Cs: Core, Connect, Communicate and Control. If you have a topic idea or would like to be a guest please contact us.

As North America’s longest standing SAP Business One Partner we’ve literally been with our customers every step of the way and are deeply passionate about their success. Our leadership team ensures each SAP Business One customer benefits from both our implementation discipline and creative problem solving to support their current and future needs. We hope this podcast will help you drive profitable growth and leverge your investment in technology.

Want to know more about the 4Cs

Recenlty we took the time to analyze what defines ERP success and drives growth. We wrote a blog highlighting it is not just the Core ERP solution that drives growth but a combination of the 4Cs. Read the post here  The Essential Elements of The Connected Enterprise

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