Why Put Your ERP System in the Cloud?

There is no doubt that Cloud computing is a major and innovative trend in business. The ability to store your data over a network and access it through a web-based browser or mobile app drastically increases usability. Since your business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location, it makes your ERP system more manageable with less maintenance. Putting your ERP system in the Cloud is valuable and cost-effective as long as your company is the right size and configured properly.

Though storing your data and systems in a Cloud ERP System is definitely beneficial, there are many factors to take into account before switching all of your data to the cloud. Running on the Cloud can be very time consuming, and computer infrastructure can be a huge waste of time, detracting from growing your business and costing a small fortune. As long as your business activities are not suffering, Cloud is the way to go.

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Using a Cloud provider can be a great way to simplify the life of a small company. Computer issues and outages can be debilitating to a small business. Having your systems, business-critical or not, hosted by a company that specializes in Cloud solutions can save you money and valuable time.

Using Cloud has the following benefits:

At Third Wave, we run all of our business processes through the Cloud. Contact us today to see how switching over to Cloud computing could be the best business decision for your company!

-Mark Breznak, COO

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