The Top 5 Reasons You Project Accounting Suite Capabilities in SAP Business One

Do you ever feel like you struggle to proactively manage your business, most specifically in streamlining any business processes involved in the project lifecycle? As your company grows with SAP Business One, you may experience delays when trying to manage project setup, labor and expense capture, cost and revenue allocation, project-based billing, revenue recognition, and project reporting. To improve overall performance tracking, Third Wave’s Project Accounting Suite (PAS) for SAP Business One is the answer.

The top 5 reasons your organization needs PAS:
  1. PAS provides flexible project work breakdown structures which enable the creation of simple and complex projects. This means that when you are setting up a project in PAS, you have the ability to break it down into steps so that managing the project and the steps involved along the way are simple and straight forward.
  2. You have the ability to assign specific detailed resources and rates, which also allows employees to be assigned in specific groups. For example, certain projects might require specific resources (travel, mileage, airfare, meals, tolls, etc.) and various rates depending on what type of agreement you have with said client. PAS really makes it easy to distinguish details involved in the project lifecycle.
  3. Project Accounting Suite is integrated directly with standard SAP Business one Transactions, which allows for the ability to assign and allocate costs to the project from a host of SAP marketing documents. Additionally, because it works in tow with Business One, you can analyze resource utilization and productivity in real-time.
  4. With a library of dashboards, operational and analytical reports, budget vs. actual reports, and project profitability reports, PAS lets you monitor project portfolio performance dynamically.
  5. Spend a minimum amount of time with requisitions! PAS’ web-based eRequisition capabilities streamline the time it takes to process requisitions as well as controls costs.

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