What is the Difference Between an ERP Partner and an ERP Vendor?

Imagine this: your company goes through the long process of selecting an ERP solution, selects the purchase model that works best, decides where the solution will reside and to work directly with the ERP software vendor.

After implementing the ERP solution, the vendor’s implementation consultant says, “The system is live, good luck! Call our support team next time you have any questions or want to implement new functionality.” From this point on, every time you interact with the ERP vendor, you are passed to a different support person who doesn’t know anything about your business, or how your system was implemented.

Every interaction results in time spent educating a different support person about your implementation and business requirements. The answers you get from the ERP vendor’s support team may be technically correct, but incorrect for your company’s implementation. Vendor support teams are usually only capable of answering “how to” questions versus suggestions that will best fit your business.

Why Work With An ERP Partner

This frustrating, time consuming, and expensive situation can be avoided by teaming up with a strategic ERP implementation partner. A strategic ERP implementation partner offers dedicated resources for the duration of your relationship with them.

The right ERP implementation partner is not limited to recommending only the options provided by the ERP software vendor. This can eliminate costly customizations and workarounds, resulting in greater client success with less cost.

The ERP partner’s consultants focus on customer business success by understanding the needs and goals of their customers which results in the efficient implementation of new requirements, process automation and lower total cost of ownership.

Purchasing an ERP solution is a long-term investment that impacts nearly every area of your business. Why risk implementation with an ERP vendor who is not dedicated to your ongoing success? Get things done right every time by working with an ERP implementation partner, like Third Wave Business Systems, who understands your business, the ERP solution, and is a strategic ERP solution advisor.

By carefully understanding your company’s processes, culture, and system requirements, Third Wave leverages decades of industry expertise to recommend the best approach to implement your ERP solution and can advise on deployment and ERP pricing options that work for your business. We handle your SAP Business One ERP implementation process and provide you with a dedicated expert to maximize your ROI and scale SAP Business One as your company changes and grows over time. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of running SAP Business One, check out our post here.

Learn more about working with Third Wave as your dedicated strategic ERP partner. Schedule a free ERP demo with our experts today.

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