Integrating SAP Business One Inventory with Shopify

Pre-built SAP Business One Integration to Shopify

Many Third Wave customers have accomplished integrating SAP Business One Inventory with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. This is done with a pre-built solution implemented with the Bizweaver integration and process automation application. We have decided to write up a series of posts around our Shopify integration and include videos showing e-commerce integration with SAP B1.

API Mapping and Error Monitoring

Our solution connects and passes inventory into Shopify via the Shopify Inventory API, provides the essential data mappings to both systems out of the box, stages the data prior to updating Shopify, provides run-time error monitoring and correction, and provides easy access for customization.

The solution includes the requisite data mappings to/from the Shopify API. One of the key benefits of this solution is the ability to trap any transactions with erroneous or malformed data without interrupting processing. Administrators are provided with a web UI using the Versago Portal Platform for viewing and correcting the errors. The corrected transaction will then process automatically, and the correction can easily be added to the workflow to auto-correct the issue if it occurs in the future.

Pre-built with Flexibility

The solution is also designed for easy modification to meet the unique needs a business may have. One of the most time-consuming aspects of application integration is understanding the APIs. With this solution, you do not have to spend hours learning the Shopify integration API. That work has been done.

Error Handling Made Easy

Another nice feature of this solution is error handling at the point of updating either Shopify or SAP. If for any reason a transaction is not passing the SAP DI or Web Services APIs (perhaps because they are momentarily down) the transaction can be reprocessed without interrupting other processing.

Nail Your Shopify Integration

There are many application integration tools and solutions a business can choose from. We believe Bizweaver and our pre-built solutions provide the best balance between simplicity and control at an affordable price.

Recording: Integrating SAP Business One Inventory with Shopify

Innovation at Heart

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Versago and Bizweaver

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