Magento SAP Business One Integration

Easily integrate eCommerce platforms with SAP Business One using Bizweaver as a connector. Let’s talk about Magento SAP Business One integrations, one of the many eCommerce platforms, Bizweaver is commonly used to draw valuable connections between platforms.

SAP Business One is an inexpensive, easy-to-implement ERP solution that can manage an assortment of organizational requirements, from accounting and CRM to stock control and warehouse management.

Dedicated third-party applications such as Magento, one of the leading eCommerce platforms available undeniably aids in exploiting online sales channels for numerous businesses, but if the channel isn’t fully integrated with SAP Business One, challenges can occur.

Magento SAP Business One Integration with Bizweaver

The Bizweaver Magento integration solution can fulfill this requirement by enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate Magento with SAP Business One, as well as adding workflow and automation capabilities.

Without automation, users would have to remove the data from Magento and re-enter the information into SAP Business One, and vice versa. This takes time, is susceptible to errors, and becomes a redundant and wasteful cost.

With a proper integration between both platforms, there is no repetition of effort. Data is inputted once into SAP Business One and then shared between systems. All in all, Bizweaver stops administrative headaches from being pushed further down the line.

Pushing Order Statuses

Anyone dealing with eCommerce knows that data needs to be pushed up. Data such as order statuses, new products, stock level changes, and delivery tracking numbers are entered into Magento. Normally, this would be a manual task, but Bizweaver automatically extracts data from SAP Business One and pushes it straight into Magento.

This process can then be synchronized across Magento stores worldwide and through other channels such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Walmart. It also takes the annoyance out of reconciling transactions across numerous stores and regions as well as streamlining tax and duty calculations, thanks to SAP Business One’s native support for various currencies.

Adding Workflow to Magento Order Management

Synchronizing Magento order transactions and available stock data are other processes that businesses look to automate immediately. But what happens when an order depletes your stock to below an acceptable level? How would you know, and is it effective to manually identify and resolve this critical issue?

Bizweaver enables organizations to add workflow processes to the critical relationship between orders and stock. SAP automation tools send business notifications and alerts when levels are breached (email/SMS) and trigger PO requisitions for approval and processing.

Drop Shipping in Real-Time

Many Magento store owners sell products that they do not physically hold in stock. In this situation, the speed in which the order is passed to a fulfillment partner(s) is crucial to the reputation of the company. Yet employees have physical limitations and are prone to mistakes. Bizweaver’s Magento database trigger capabilities ensure that orders are instantly processed within your organization and dynamically sent to the correct fulfillment partner.

An additional administration task that Bizweaver can automate is taking the orders from SAP Business One and placing them with a preferred courier service. It will also automatically print the labels out for the dispatch team to process.

On their own, SAP Business One and Magento are both extremely useful applications, helping businesses to either run smoothly or to exploit sales opportunities. Integrating them together, however, can give businesses a competitive edge by giving managers on-demand access to critical real-time information, helping them make better business decisions, as well as improving workflow, cutting costs and the ability to exploit all sales opportunities.

Bizweaver can Integrate with more than Magento

Bizweaver can provide a plethora of eCommerce integration solutions that extend further than the initial synchronization of sales orders. Bizweaver can also integrate your business systems with Volusion, PrestaShop, Shopify, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Bigcommerce, X-CART, 3dcart, eSellerPro, and other eCommerce applications.

A small selection of other integration and business process automation scenarios adopted by Bizweaver for SAP Business One users include:

How easy is it to implement?

In the first instance, SME’s look for software application integration tools that are easy to install and use. Bizweaver tasks can be easily created by anyone with a basic understanding of your organization’s database structures and combined with Third Wave Business Systems knowledge and experience in implementing Bizweaver to suit your exact requirements, your next integration and business process automation projects couldn’t be simpler.

If you would like to find out more about how Bizweaver can simplify your SAP Business One integration projects and added functionality it can provide your organization, contact us today.

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