Optimizing Order-to-Cash with Mobile Proof of Delivery


Our client wanted to build on the success of the SAP Business One ERP implementation with enterprise mobility for deliveries, invoicing, and payments enabling a streamlined order-to-cash (O2C) process for its operations while strengthening the relationship with their customers. This required finding a way to reduce manual interventions and reduce the number of steps and time to sync data between SAP Business One and all the players in the process.


Third Wave worked with our Client to implement Versago — digitally integrated web and mobile platform underpinned by SAP Business One — to enable workforce mobility and create a faster order-to-cash process.


The O2C process required multiple different business functions to have access to accurate, real-time information at any time. Building a best practice SAP integration solution for our Client’s O2C process required interconnected data, automated communications, and mobile orders, signatures, invoicing, and payments.

The Third Wave experts worked closely with the Client leveraging our pre-built template functionality to configure the use-cases for process improvement and the order-to-cash flow. Integrating the Versago portal platform with SAP Business One via the Bizweaver data connector resulted in a mobile solution available to sales, delivery, accounting, and customers.

As a systems integrator, Third Wave took responsibility for driving the SAP mobility solution via the Versago platform from gathering initial requirements to post-go-live support.


The Versago platform plays a big role in driving the organization’s relationship with the customer by facilitating the O2C process at every level. Implementing the Versago platform with SAP, incorporating digital customer signatures, has streamlined the order-to-cash process from beginning to end to serve customers faster, reduce outstanding receivables, and increase cash flow. The various functions involved in O2C improved significantly through the use of an integrated digital solution. The optimized O2C flow enables the organization and customers to interact with information in a more reliable process and simple user experience as compared to the previous paper-based process requiring manual data entry into SAP at every step.

Overall, the solution has delivered time-saving across the business and reduced material related to accounting and service. Timely data ensures an accurate view into cash flow and maximum positive impact to the company. This gives our Client a far more efficient order-to-cash flow, greater process control, and frees-up the finance team to devote their time to more value-adding activities.

What’s next

The success of the project yielded remarkable benefits that rippled throughout the business opening up more possibilities for the Versago web and mobile platform with its pre-built templates for other use cases.

About Versago Platform

Versago is a web and mobile platform integrated with SAP Business One enabling the broader population of people and processes across a business’ ecosystem to leverage the power of SAP for every function supporting growth and operating efficiency.

Versago is easily configured to support multiple use-cases to grow your business. With its extensive library of pre-built functionality and workflows already integrated with SAP Business One, your business can be up and running in less than a day with no software development required.

Benefits of Versago & SAP Business One:
– People and Processes Always In-Sync with SAP Business One
– Simple User Experience, Low/ No Training
– One Configurable Platform vs. Multiple Apps
– Streamlined Processes with no SAP Manual Data-Entry Bottlenecks
– Paperless Processes
– Faster Customer <> Supplier Interactions
– Branded to Reflect Your Business
– Increased Customer Satisfaction with Digital Solutions

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