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As a fully integrated, end-to-end organizational management application, SAP Business One provides organizations with a stable and efficient platform that manages most business tasks. It holds a wealth of critical organization, management, and SAP automation tools, yet businesses still rely on employees to manually monitor and react to data changes. This manual approach is prone to errors and is an inefficient use of employee time. This is especially true when it comes to notifications and alerts.

It is expected, in this day and age, that a customer is sent an order acknowledgment and informed of a delivery date and time when an order has been placed. With orders coming in from a wide variety of channels, from telesales to online marketplaces, being able to manage the delivery of these orders can be a time-consuming process. Processing delivery order notifications within SAP automation tools or SAP add-ons has to be performed manually, which takes up valuable time and resources.

Similarly, SAP Business One’s service management module helps organizations provide support for service and client related queries. Once again though, alerting customers, engineers and third-party providers about service renewals and jobs is also a manual task that can cause delays and affect the level of service provided.

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SAP Automation Tools Deliver Notifications using Bizweaver

Once an order has been placed, the next obvious step is to confirm that the order has been dispatched.

Bizweaver can vigorously monitor SAP Business One and automatically send an email notification or SMS alert to customers saying ‘Your goods have been shipped’. This delivery notification could include the ETA for the delivery of the goods and an associated reference number.

Bizweaver can also integrate with external delivery network systems to recover information such as delivery statuses or proof of delivery and push that data into SAP Business One.

Using that data, notifications can be automatically sent to clients giving them a link to a courier’s website enabling them to track the delivery. Additionally, Bizweaver can automatically generate internal alerts to account managers informing them of recent delivery statuses to crucial clients.

Once the delivery has been made and confirmed, Bizweaver can recover that information and automatically produce a follow-up notification to the client from within SAP’s ERP solution, such as a Completed Order Status. The notification can also be used to initiate a feedback campaign or promote additional products and services. This further enhances customer relations management and empowers you to explore new opportunities.

Automating Service Alerts from SAP Business One

On the service side, Bizweaver can be used to monitor the Customer Equipment Cards in SAP Business One to check for forthcoming services that are about to expire and are due for renewal. Bizweaver can then be set up to automatically send a service reminder notification to the client alerting them to the fact that a service is due, and to get in contact to arrange a visit by an engineer.

When a service job has been received by the organization and inputted into SAP Business One, Bizweaver can automatically collate the information and then send an alert, whether email or SMS,  to the relevant engineer. The alert can provide the specifics of the job request, including problems and parts required, as well as the location of the job and the date and time that it has been scheduled.

Engineers are usually extremely busy, rushing from job to job, and can therefore often fall behind on submitting necessary job completion forms. These are essential to keep the client database up-to-date. Bizweaver can monitor job progressions and send a reminder alert to an engineer if they haven’t completed the relevant forms, requesting they do so as soon as possible.

These are just two scenarios that showcase the abilities of the Notifications and Alerts platform for SAP Business One. When you buy the platform not only can you automate numerous notifications and alerts, you can also quickly add document automation, integration, or workflow capabilities to your business systems.

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