The Power of MCM (Marketing Campaign Management)

What Is Marketing Campaign Management (MCM)? 

Marketing and Campaign Management is a solution that extends the power of SAP Business One by enhancing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities and allows users to manage Marketing activities such as email, call, or print campaigns while tracking results. It allows users to perform complete Lead Management functions from initial contact all the way through to invoicing and beyond.

Managing leads, assigning activities, notes and more, are really simple and easy to use with MCM. Campaigns also benefit from the power of MCM. They are much easier to manage and execute. The ability to create multiple phases to a campaign, make them active, and draft them makes your marketing activities more organized and easier to work with.

MCM navigates just like SAP Business One, reducing the learning curves to a minimum. MCM also is a tool that will provide you with a 360 degree view of not only your customer relationship management activities but also your marketing activities. It allows everyone in the organization, whether they are in sales, service, or other departments, to understand and leverage the importance of marketing and CRM in today’s competitive world.

Who Uses Marketing Campaign Management?

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Cool Features of Marketing Campaign Management

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