Third Wave Announces Marketing & Campaign Management for SAP Business One

Third Wave Business Systems, a leading SAP Business One implementation and development partner, today announced the latest release of the SAP add-on, Marketing and Campaign Management (MCM) for SAP Business One Versions 8.8x and 9.0. MCM provides companies with the ability to create, execute and track marketing efforts in SAP Business One as well as manage prospect lists before adding them to SAP’s active Business Partner list.

The latest version of MCM has an extensive list of new features and capabilities to further enhance a company’s marketing efforts and simplify the management of prospects in SAP Business One. Authorized users are able to post to social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, directly in MCM. Users are also able to add and assign follow up activity for prospects and quickly generate targeted contact lists with point & click ease. In addition, MCM is integrated with Constant Contact, a leading provider of online marketing tools, to easily maintain email contact lists.

“The MCM add-on extends the power of SAP Business One by providing companies with a robust sales management tool. The latest release is designed to let companies respond faster to inquiries, better profile and target customers for marketing campaigns, and easily capture and find valuable prospect information. And now MCM further enhances the sales process with its new social media, list management, and activity tracking capabilities,” said Korey Lind, Third Wave’s CEO.

Other new features include the ability to track Constant Contact email campaign results in SAP Business One, promote leads to Business Partners in one click, and add customized details such as campaign codes and product interest for each prospect. All of this gives companies better control over lead generation and sales processes while working in SAP Business One.

To view a short demo of MCM, click here.

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