Third Wave’s Virtual SAP User Group

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Business Discussion: Managing Chargebacks

When your customers issue chargebacks for noncompliance of their business rules, it not only impacts your bottom line but also puts a strain on your accounts receivable department. After all, it can take a long time to research and reconcile a chargeback.

Find out how to track chargebacks, streamline the process for handling these transactions, and submit new invoices for incorrect deductions.

Technical Discussion: Implementing EDI with SAP Business One

While using EDI may be a requirement for one of your customers, it does bring significant benefits to your operations. Learn about what EDI is, when you need to consider it, and how to implement it with SAP Business One.

Spotlight Presentation: Produmex Warehouse Management

The PDMX Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One is a comprehensive logistics solution that spans the whole supply chain from planning & sourcing to delivering & invoicing. It supports all relevant inbound, internal and outbound logistics functions.

In addition, it offers advanced functions including cross-docking, various cycle counting options, automatic replenishment, route planning, warehouse transfers, etc.

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