Top 10 Reasons SMBs Choose SAP Business One

“Small to midsize businesses have more options than ever when it comes to implementing a fully-fledged ERP system like SAP Business One.

In this day and age, there aren’t many good reasons for those growing businesses to continue using disparate systems and manual processes to execute on their business’s operations when they’re able to house all of their critical software under one roof for an affordable price.

Understandably, it can be a daunting endeavor with so many vendors out there and so many considerations to factor in.”

-Forrest Burnson, Market Research Associate at Software Advice

To cut through all of these solutions, following are the top 10 reasons small and mid-sized organizations choose SAP Business One to help transform their businesses.

10. Ecosystem

SAP Business One’s extensive ecosystem of solutions gives users more choices and resources to customize and optimize their solution. More integrative options can mean more flexibility.

9. Localized Solutions, Global Presence

SAP ERP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies meet global and local organizational requirements in 80+ countries. This is thanks to the power of cloud computing, allowing users from various geographic locations to access the same centralized software.

8. Growth

Cloud technology also allows the platform to adapt as your businessSAP Business One grows.

7. Innovation

SAP Business One delivers innovations in mobile, cloud computing, analytics, in-memory computing, rapid-deployment, and big data.

6. Insight

Another reason to choose SAP ERP solutions is that it helps you turn data into actionable insights with improved visibility and tracking of key performance indicators.

5. Time to Value

Make faster, more accurate decisions using built-in analytics tools. SAP helps you start fast and see results quickly.

4. Industry specific

As an SAP Business One partner, Third Wave Business Systems has decades of expertise in working with various industries and aiding them in building an ideal business system setup.

3. Numerous choices

SAP Business One is also flexible in its ability to integrate and play nice with other platforms. Third Wave experts work with your teams to recommend the best choices to fit the way you do business. Our network of technology partners offers a number of solution integrations and additional features to customize solutions and ensure our customers receive all the help they need just from working with a single consultant.

2. Leadership

SAP Business One is recognized as a long-time front-runner by industry experts and trusted by 200,000+ small to mid-sized customers.

1. Complete

SAP Business One delivers a complete, integrated and affordable ERP solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

To find out more on how SAP Business One can benefit your business, contact Third Wave.

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