About Third Wave Business Systems

About Third Wave Business Systems

Third Wave Business Systems is headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, and specializes in the implementation of business management systems. We have offices serving our customers in Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Boston and the New York Metro area.

Accreditations and Partnerships

We have been an SAP Certified Gold Partner since 2006 by meeting requirements for product quality, industry expertise, and customer satisfaction. The SAP Active Quality Management organization helps SAP Business One channel partners as well as members of the SAP® Extended Business Program adopt a quality management approach and achieve high-quality standards.

In addition, Third Wave is accredited for active quality management awarded by the team. The accreditation demonstrates Third Wave’s commitment to quality standards and processes, ensuring that a customer project is delivered to specification, on budget and on time.

Over the years, Third Wave has received numerous awards from Microsoft, SAP, and industry experts for our commitment to providing excellent customer satisfaction and powerful solutions.

SAP Certified Integrations for Business One

Third Wave is also a leading developer of SAP Certified Integrations for Business One that extend the power of the SAP Business One platform.

In order to achieve this certification, the SAP add-ons have to pass a series of rigorous technical and functional tests by SAP Labs. This certification reinforces Third Wave’s commitment to providing our customers with SAP add-on solutions they need to better manage their businesses.

Customers around the world are taking advantage of the features and functionality of Third Wave’s solutions to extend SAP Business One, streamline their operations and improve their return-on-investment. From managing prospects to shipping orders, we offer a one-stop shop for SAP Business One users.

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About Our Name

Our name was taken from Alvin Toffler’s book, “The Third Wave.” In the book, Toffler describes three types of societies, based on the concept of ‘waves’ – each wave pushes the older societies and cultures aside. The Third Wave is the post-industrial society, sometimes called the Information Age.

Third Wave Business Systems offers solutions that position our clients at the front line of this revolution, streamlining and automating business processes, and giving them a competitive advantage in their industry.